/ Personal

Anyone who only dreams their dreams without courageously following them will go round in circles like a leaf in the wind, and ultimately end up in the same place in which he started. Certainly, there’s a lot to be discovered in this way. But I too wanted and still want to achieve something, I always have a clear goal before me in relation to everything I do.

Over 40 years ago, when I was a young man, I started out flushing sewage systems – with a Unimog, a simple tanker trailer and the firm conviction that I would earn my money this way. At the time, I couldn’t have known that this work would pave the way to a successful future. Of course, I had to work hard, overcome obstacles, make decisions and prove my stamina.

In challenging times, I rely – even today – on my good sense of timing and my entrepreneurial mind. I stay loyal to my goals without becoming blinkered. One of the few things that I gain strength and support from is of course my family.

/ Experience

Building up a great business and managing it successfully over decades is a long-term task. I started out as a business owner with a 1-man operation that specialised in the cleaning of sewage pipes. That was back in 1971. The driving force behind the growth of the Hans Notter AG company is the consistent use of the latest technologies, such as video control, water recycling vehicles, rehabilitation robots and disposal and recycling systems.

I have always believed my company’s biggest asset to be my employees. From good salaries and generous social contributions to modern, healthy workplaces and an open working environment in which individual responsibility is encouraged, the Notter Group has always taken its social responsibilities as an employer seriously.

Integrity and mutual respect have allowed Notter sewage services to become the industry number 1 in Switzerland. Just like in real life, tight reins remain the key to long-term success in business too. But when accompanied by an appropriate measure of humour too, conducting business is an altogether more pleasurable experience.

/ Dedicated

The sale of Notter Kanalservice AG and Notter Kanaldicht AG to ISS Schweiz AG in 2005 was a strategic step forward aimed at offering the company the best long-term chance possible for a sustainable future. I now invest my many years’ experience into my role on the advisory councils of selected companies.

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