• Personal

    What really matters in life? There's barely anyone who hasn't asked themselves this question at some point. Depending on the individual's personality, background and experience, the answer is different - as different, in fact, as the line patterns of 100 fingerprints. It is and has always been important to me to deliver good, competent work and to treat my environment with respect.

  • Experience

    Building up a great business and managing it successfully over decades is a long-term task. I started out as a business owner with a 1-man operation that specialised in the cleaning of sewage pipes. That was back in 1971. The driving force behind the growth of the Hans Notter company is the consistent use of the latest technologies, such as CCTV, water recycling vehicles, pipe cleaning robots and disposal and recycling plants.

  • Dedicated

    The sale of Notter Kanalservice AG and Notter Kanaldicht AG to ISS Schweiz AG in 2005 was a strategic step forward aimed at offering the company the best long-term chance possible for a sustainable future. I now invest my many years' experience into my role on the advisory councils of selected companies.